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Visit date: 1.10.17
Visit time: outcall time 6pm
Author: Emilio
Time spent: 6hr dinner date
The review: Pre booking Excellent services..My 60th time seeing the super awesome and super beautiful in every way Amanda. She is a very special women.So special that she actually cares. I really enjoy it that much today at least not the 2nd round. take care baby.

Visit date: 19.09.17
Visit time: outcall visit time 3pm Athena
Author: Teodoras
Time spent: 5hr
The review: I wont go into to much detail but all I can say is that Amanda Lindt is a top class Lady.
The main reason I have left this review after so long is that Amanda deserves credit where it is due. Outcall at my hotel. I loved the mirror and we both benefitted from the fan as it was a hottish day in Athena.

Visit date: 25.08.17
Visit time: Outcall visit 8pm Athena dinner date
Author: Christos
Time spent: 4hr
The review: The meeting was planned for a month or so in advance and I booked her to a hotel in Athena. One full day of fun and sweating in my hotel room. Meet Amanda Lindt at the airport after corresponding and talking to her at the phone. Excellent sex, highly recommended. Amanda is sexy, open mind .She has fucking magnetism..

Visit date: 10.06.17
Visit time: 01:00pm
Author: Michael
Time spent: 90 min
The review: An outcall with the lovely Amanda. I have not had such a fantastic 90 minutes in someones company for a long time. Amanda is a beautiful courtesan with a magic touch, who fulfills dreams on all levels.I want to go into the things she can do with her lips.A very sexy lady who gave me Pleasure. a superb experience that i would love to repeat. Looking forward to a return visit.

Visit date: 10.04.17
Visit time: 07:00pm
Author: Hosespanish
Time spent: 90 min
The review: I arrived at the location, which is easy to find and felt safe. I was glad I booked 90 minutes. Amanda was able to give me all of her GFE experiences and pleasure i never knew existed.
I look forward to returning as soon as I am able. Than you Amanda..xx

Visit date: 3.04.17
Visit time: 11:00am
Author: Dave
Time spent: 90 min
The review: Safe good location. She bows me away and make me smile all day.. She welcomes you with open arms and a very hot cup of coffee. Not be missed. Will be back for more special treatment soon.

Visit date: 7.02.17
Visit time: 09:00pm
Author: David
Time spent: 90 min incall
The review: Lovely to see this Lady again. A fantastic time with this sexy fun and i was glad I booked 90 minutes. Amanda lives in a fantastic location and she offered me drink and after it was so nice to cuddle up..
Amanda understands what a man requires true GFE experience. She is a wonderful experienced women who knows what she is doing and she helped me experience something i have never tried before. Great service also. Will be back for more Special treatment soon.

Visit date: 14.01.17
Visit time: 10:30pm
Author: Jeff
Time spent: 1 hour incall
The review: It was fantastic to have her company, but an hour was to short, it was just getting interesting when it was time to go.
This lady is top class and better looking than her photos. Her massage is divine and i was in heaven following her expert ministrations. She really knows how to give pleasure and seemed to enjoy herself when the favour was returned.
A memorable experiences in very comfortable setting. She performed an amazing long sensuous session and her hands are real talent.

Visit date: 25.10.2016
Visit time: 08:30pm
Author: Stephan
Time spent: 90 min outcall
The review: Sensual sexy and kinky…she is a wild one. Besides English, she allow me to submit my demands in German.

Visit date: 08.09.2016
Visit time: 07:00pm
Author: Jonatan
Time spent: 90 min outcall
The review: Amanda is so sexy and she made me feel ease and completely fulfilled my fantasy. Thanks to you making my day. WOW -Silk blouse and black skirt…

Visit date: 06.06.2016
Visit time: 07:00am
Author: Ernesto
Time spent: 1 hour outcall
The review: I absolutely adore kindness and a good sense of humor. Great meeting and adventurous feelings keep the blood running. Unforgettable extremely satisfying a sensual massage in a way that extend en increase the pleasure by delaying the orgasm.

Visit date: 08.01.2016
Visit time: 05:30pm
Author: Mike
Time spent: 1,5 hour
The review: Boys back for naughty time and fun…
Amazing busty body and fantastic Lady

Visit date: 5.11.2015
Visit time: 06:30pm
Author: Pete
Time spent: 2 hour
The review: NAUGHTY AND CONFIDENT A very sexy Lady who give me pleasure to Heaven and back… Amanda pressed all the right buttons.

Visit date: 15.09.2015
Visit time: 07:00pm
Author: Jorge
Time spent: 3 hour
The review: On the 15th of Sept i had a few appointments as well as a business dinner.
Since my wife and i recently split up, i wondered if it might be a good idea to take an escort with me because i didn’t want to show up alone. I ended p booking Amanda and for good reason i might say.
Wow wow . Fabulous company. She even received lots of compliments from my business partners.
She was dressed well and appropriately and lots of other attributes that made her a great companion for the evening.
Later that night we ended up going to my hotel and well and i still catch myself now and then when my thoughts wander back to her.. Amanda is experienced in all forms of sexual play you could imagine.
Love to meet her again to show her more fab restaurants and nightlife.
Amanda is absolutely gorgeous. Exactly what i was always looking for. Amazing evening.

Visit date: 7.09.2015
Visit time: 03:45pm
Author: Leo
Time spent: 2 hour
The review: A wonderful experience with a charming and friendly lady. Thank you!

Visit date: 25.08.2015
Visit time: 11:50am
Author: Alexander
Time spent: 1 hour
The review: EXCELLENCE. Amanda is a sexy, Funny and Wonderful lady

Visit date: 2.08.2015
Visit time: 03:30pm
Author: Max
Time spent: 1,5 hour
The review: Amanda is a joy to behold. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to return for more

Visit date: 18.07.2015
Visit time: 08:00pm
Author: Henry
Time spent: 1 hour
The review: Great hour with lovely lady, Thanks